Mella Mead Handcrafted in the UK from the finest honey

Rediscover a Lost Tradition with Mella Mead

Mella Mead is made in the traditional way dating back 8,000 years with just two main ingredients:

water and fresh Welsh wildflower honey produced by the Apis Melifera bees.

Probably the oldest alcoholic drink in the world, enjoyed by ancient Greek gods Mead is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. It’s one of the latest drink trends to make a comeback following the cider, gin and craft beer revivals.

Mella Mead comes in four varieties: Sweet, Apricot, Raspberry and Blackberry and can be enjoyed like a refreshing fruit cider over ice, chilled or at room temperature like wine or served as an aperitif or digestif like brandy or sherry.

In the majestic mountain air, countless bees tirelessly extract the sweetness from an array of wild flowers, dusting their feet with a million spices to make the finest honey. This perfectly pure, sweet nectar is the key to our special recipe, which remains guarded to this day and has been passed down for generations to a chosen few.