5 Days to go: National Mead Day on 5th August

Celebrate National Mead Day with 10% Off

To celebrate National Mead Day on 5th August Mella Mead are offering you a 10% discount, valid for the next 10 days in our online store with the coupon code Mead-10 until August 10th.

National Mead Day 5th August

Mead Day has been a fixture in the homebrewers calendar since 2002. Originally created by the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) to increase mead awareness and foster camaraderie among meadmakers today Mella Mead encourages the world to invite their friends and family to celebrate Mead Day by enjoying a glass (or bottle) of mead together.

Whether you are discovering mead for the first time or it’s a firm favourite we invite you to celebrate with us with 10% off any online order for the next 10 days.

Simply apply the coupon code Mead-10 at checkout and your 10% discount will be applied.

The Real Deal

Probably the oldest alcoholic drink in the world, Mead dates back 8,000 years and precedes the production of wine. Mella Mead is made in the traditional way with just two main ingredients: honey and water. We use fresh Welsh Wildflower Honey produced by the Apis Melifera bees on a local Welsh honey bee farm near our meadery.

Unlike some commercial honey wines the alcohol content in our mead comes from fermented honey not grapes. That’s how Mead is historically made simply fermented honey and water. Mead has been enjoyed since ancient times all over the world and over the years many variations have emerged as production techniques and additives have evolved.

Here at Mella Mead we have our traditional Sweet Mead and 3 fruit flavour variations known as Melomels. Our Apricot Mead has been extremely popular and has sold out recently but we still have our delicious Raspberry Mead and Blackberry Mead to choose from.

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